Jade StrattonMy name, as I’m sure you’ve already surmised, is Jade Stratton. I could tell you the usual things about me – where I grew up, went to school, and so on – but I’ll spare you those boring details. Instead, I’ll tell you why I write erotica, which I suspect will have more relevance to you, to someone who wants to read it.

I spent a good part of my life in what I’ll call a sexual dead zone, married to someone who loved me in their way, but who couldn’t give me what I needed in bed; or, more accurately, could give me almost nothing in bed. My only escapes for a long time were the porn and erotic stories I devoured (thank God for the internet!). Porn, while titillating in its own way, is typically more comedic than sensual, and it’s hard to get off watching a skin flick when you’re laughing out loud at the on-screen antics. Dirty stories – erotica – on the other hand, can be much more fulfilling. Guided by the pen of a good author, your mind can create more intense and vibrant images than any video camera focused on a bed filled with moaning, gyrating adult stars.

The downside, of course, was guilt. We live in a sexually repressed society, and things like porn and erotica are bad. Don’t get me wrong: anything that exploits or harms the people involved (particularly children, obviously) is indeed bad beyond question. But I’m talking here about the guilty pleasure that comes from the act of watching adult movies or reading erotica. To do so is bad. And women who imbibe in such pursuits are doubly bad: our society expects its women to be prim and proper, shames them as sluts when they’re not.

Well, fuck the guilty in “guilty pleasure.” I finally came to the conclusion that it was okay to enjoy myself. It was okay to be naughty, either by myself or with a partner(s). After my marriage finally imploded and the love of my life came along, reading erotica became more than okay: it enhanced our sexual relationship to the point that I started writing it for our own enjoyment. And now I’m writing it for yours.

Just keep in mind as you browse through my books that my erotic muse doesn’t have much in the way of boundaries. I’ve embraced my inner animal and write what comes to mind: you’ll find erotic romance between a woman and man (alpha male or otherwise), lesbian sex, ménage, sexual fetishes, and even a bit of taboo. So read and enjoy whatever makes you wet and wild, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Remember: it’s okay to enjoy being naughty.