Cara Sutra’s Sex Magazine Review of STORMY NIGHT

Stormy NightCara Sutra hosted a review of my second book, STORMY NIGHT, written by her Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch. While it wasn’t Candy’s typical fare (STORMY NIGHT is a sweet erotic romance, without the extra spicy kink that Candy says she prefers), she definitely seemed to enjoy it. Here’s a quote of what she had to say:

I definitely will be reading more erotic fiction by Jade Stratton, simply to see what her spectrum is. I have already downloaded another of her stories to read. Based on my enjoyment of this one I’m looking forward to diving into the next one. Stormy Night is a nice little bit of escapism and whilst it’s not something I would read to get myself off it would certainly put you in the right mood to play, either with a partner or alone. I give Stormy Night by Jade Stratton 7/10 and recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading mild erotica.

Please feel free to read the rest of Candy’s review here on Cara Sutra’s blog, and then make sure to get your own copy of STORMY NIGHT to enjoy! 🙂

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