Sharing DanielIf you’re looking for a hot threesome story that’ll set your sheets on fire, this is it! Keep that fire extinguisher handy, darling…


She’s on a mission to find something sexy to wear to reward her man for keeping her happy. While she had planned to pick up something sexy to wear for her husband, little does she know that the lingerie she winds up buying on her shopping spree is the least of the day’s delights.


On her own after divorcing her husband, she’s had terrible luck finding a worthwhile man. Lonely and craving sex, she’s fallen into a habit of periodically buying a sexy outfit and entertaining herself to ease the tension. It was while buying the latest outfit for her self-only fantasy weekend that she ran into Sara in a chance encounter.


After being banished from the house for a day of fishing so Sara can cook up something special for his return, never in a million years would he have suspected what awaited him. A man who knows how to please his woman, he now finds himself facing the prospect of pleasing two. Is he up for the challenge? Hell, yes!

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