Jade’s Diary: The House Call

Jade’s Diary: The House Call

After waking up in a grumpy mood, Paige finds herself flirting with Jade, one of her on-line friends. When Jade offers to come play nurse and kiss Paige all better, Paige thought she was joking. But that evening after work, when Paige answers a knock at the door, she finds herself face to face with a gorgeous green-eyed redhead wearing a nurse’s uniform who was ready to give Paige a VERY thorough examination.

About the Book

While Paige had a good time getting off in the shower after some on-line flirting with Jade, she had no idea that Jade was actually going to show up on her doorstep! With a black doctor’s case in hand and wearing nothing under her white lab coat but stockings and a garter, Jade brings new meaning to the game of playing nurse when she takes Paige through the medical checkup of her life.

Be forewarned that Jade enjoys being a kinky vixen. So if don’t think you’d like a story about two beautiful women playing with handcuffs, whips, strap-ons, and getting very, very wet in the shower (without turning on the water, mind you), then this story won’t be for you!

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