Loving Teacher

Loving Teacher
Tags: Erotic Romance, Forbidden Love, Insta-Love
Publication Year: 2016

Mark is a high school senior who can't wait to leave the doldrums of the classroom and get out into the world. But his English class becomes anything but boring after the arrival of Nikki, a young and sexy new teacher. They soon realize that they have more in common than either would care to admit. The only question is, how long can they hold out against the forbidden desire that burns between them?

About the Book

Mark was expecting his last semester of high school to be more of the same. But that changed from the moment that Nikki, his new English teacher, stepped into the room. She becomes the focus of his fantasies, of his desires, all of which he knows can never come true. But he isn’t the only one with secret desires: Nikki has spent more than one night indulging forbidden fantasies of making love to Mark.

Neither can speak a word of what is in their hearts, nor can they ever touch. At least that’s what they believe until Nikki finds herself in a desperate plight from which Mark must save her.

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