More Than Friends

More Than Friends
Tags: Erotic Romance, Quickie
Publication Year: 2016

Helen's secretly been in love with Bryce, a happily married coworker, for a long time. When she finds out that he's been injured in a car accident, she rushes to the hospital where she discovers that fate might have opened the door to them becoming something more than friends.

About the Book


She’s kept her feelings for Bryce, one of her coworkers, secret for a long time. He was the man of her dreams, but was happily married. While she’d thought a thousand times of trying to make their friendship something more, she didn’t want to be a home wrecker or, worse, drive him away. But when she arrived at the hospital to see how he was faring, she found out that Bryce’s wife had filed for divorce, that his marriage had long since fallen into ruin. And what began as something so innocent as one friend consoling another became something else entirely.


Barely escaping death in a terrible car accident, Bryce woke up in a hospital bed. While he had escaped far more serious injuries, he found himself immobilized, with both lower legs and one of his arms broken, while the other arm had been dislocated at the shoulder.¬†On top of the physical pain was the emotional trauma inflicted by his wife, who had served him with divorce papers not long after he’d regained consciousness. With his life a shambles, he was happy to see Helen’s beautiful face when she came to visit him. He had long harbored a secret desire for her, but trapped in a hospital bed, what could he do?

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