The Briefing

The Briefing
Tags: Erotic Romance, Insta-Love
Length: Short story

Leanne has wanted John, her mentor, since she first set eyes on him. Unlike every other man she had ever wanted, he was completely impervious to her charms. The devil of it was that he wasn't intentionally ignoring her; he simply had his head in the clouds and never noticed. But she was bound and determined to change all that when she was given a chance to bare more than just her soul in The Briefing.

About the Book


Leanne is a smoking hot blonde who’s never failed to bed a man she desired. Soon after starting work in her new office, she’d felt an irresistible attraction to her handsome mentor, John, and decided to make him hers. Turning on the charm, Leanne knew he would be a sure thing, just like shooting a fish in a barrel. Much to her dismay, every one of her ploys to get his attention, let alone seduce him, had failed. What tore at her the most was not that John had rejected her advances, but that he simply hadn’t noticed them for what they were, protected as he was by his armor of respect toward Leanne. It was only then that she realized she no longer saw him as just another conquest, but as a man she had to have…because she’d fallen in love with him.


John was a genius at the intelligence work he did at the State Department, but would be the first to admit that he could barely tie his shoes in the morning; his head was lost in the clouds, his mind lost in his work. He was fiercely devoted to the junior analysts he mentored, particularly Leanne, who had a gift for the work they did. She was gorgeous, and while he felt an undeniable attraction toward her, both for her body and her mind, he would never think of jeopardizing their relationship or their jobs by taking advantage of her. Little did he know that Leanne was going to put him into a position where he might not have a choice.

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